is what we need

to elevate

mass consciousness

Empty is the life

Lost to the imprint

Of our timeless beginning

every part,

every corner

fill me with your spirit,

fill me with your being


let me feel you

touch you

breathe you

“Except ye come

as a little child…”

can the impossible be made possible.

MaMa earth...

natural remedies

I want to wake up in light,

get up with vision and sight

look to my own reality within

find my path and begin

Omni~Presence is every where.

She has her 'I' in us..

Though our temporal

bodies fade,

as Source energy,

‘made in the image of’;

we are eternal.


cannot be destroyed.

It transforms itself

into another state of being,

Consciousness intact

Be of good cheer,  

Consciousness never dies

Keeper of the coding

for the survival of mankind

Law of Attraction states;

'that which is like

unto itself is drawn'

Judgment of others in essence, is judging our own self

Miami, FL 33190
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