The Sins of our Parents visited upon us...

Updated: May 13, 2020

The many times growing up we swear, we will never be like our parents; too many to remember but here we are, all grown up with children of our own, lo and behold we are enacting behavior mirroring them.

Step back and truly observe our interactions with our children. We see our parents’ personas coming alive and even though we may not be comfortable with the reactions oftentimes we have little control over our mannerism and attitudes.

The intention is to bring awareness to our patterns of conditioned thinking. We remember being treated in ways that crushed self-esteem. The memories are embedded in our subconscious and over time, become our learned behavioral reactions to experiences.

In the simplest terms we born and grow in families, each perpetuating his own set of self-debilitating beliefs. We absorb values regarded acceptable or normal by society and our minds assimilate the information over time, cements a belief system governing the way we think and act. It is important to remember our parents were also products of their environmental conditioning vis-à-vis what they believed to be their truths. They therefore, preached what they knew, as did their parents before them and so on.

Many go through life not recognizing being trapped in a repetitive cycle of behavior, those who are aware probably too paralyzed or do not know the process of breaking free. What we do know for most part, deep down we live a feeling of un-fulfillment, a lack of purpose. No matter how much we achieve or acquire, we can't seem to capture that illusive feeling of lasting contentment.

“Above all things gain understanding"

Break free from the psychologically grooved patterns by understanding their nature. They are learned beliefs which now must be unlearned. Recognize it as the reprogramming of our psyche (by the renewing of our mind). A sense of emotional detachment will shut down the desire to feel the victim delving into self-pity.

We have all have been raised with varying degrees of self-negating and self-destructive habits. We have been inundated with erroneous information preventing us from fulfilling our highest potential. The realization helps to rise above the feeling that; nobody knows the troubles I have seen because truth is, we all know human sorrow.

If our lives do not reflect our hearts’ desires nor satiate our soul’s quest for self-fulfillment, then we must change whatever we believe that is causing us to perceive ourselves as failure and set about fostering new thoughts aligned with a sense of worth and purpose. Accept and celebrate the idea that we have the right and power to change our minds about what we choose to believe reflective of own core values.

Practice witnessing your thoughts and emotional reactions to situations. Sounds simple enough but, it requires diligent practice because truth is, most of us do not have control whatsoever over what we think. We have been brain-washed, our thoughts replicate what life’s experiences embedded in our subconscious as true.

The art of witnessing creates the opportunity to really see what is fueling our behavior and manifesting our reality. Do not mentally judge, criticize, or engage in assessing the thoughts. The act is merely; to witness, because in time, what we are doing is creating a beautiful space between the sense of I or self-awareness and the thoughts themselves. This is called detachment, a significant marker towards shifts in consciousness.

This journey is about breaking cycles of mis-perceptions and unfulfilled lives. Somewhere amidst all the mental chatter is our real voice speaking truth to our Divinity. Our quest is to be guided by this inner voice and let the truth of who we really are be passed on to our children and so on and so forth. May each generation release the mental shackles of the past and vibrate at higher frequencies. namaste.

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