The Undoing is the Journey

The undoing

Feeling good, I fear will only be a transient thing for most of us, unless we are able to recognize what erroneous beliefs, we have buried in our Subconscious Minds that keep resurrecting bad feelings like a cyclical nightmare. Traumatic memories are embedded deeply and become painful triggers every time situations in our lives are reminiscent of those first painful experiences. The key is realizing all this happens beyond the awareness of the conscious mind and herein lies the problem.

How many of these painful memories lay within the perfect memory reservoir of my Subconscious Mind and what are the beliefs I still have keeping them real? If my conscious mind has forgotten all the negative memories it planted since my birth, how will I ever overcome this cycle of being a slave to my self-negating thoughts and emotions, which are ruled by hidden triggers? And how will I ever be able to maintain any semblance of peace?

Above all gain understanding….

Meditation helps us recognize what holds us locked into our emotional prisons. Witnessing our thoughts, feelings and actions gives insight into how we see ourselves and others. If we pay attention to our thoughts for even five minutes, we are incredibly surprised at what predominates our thinking. Initially, it will also prove that in unconscious states, we truly have little control over the nature of our thinking or the speed at which they come and go. Early stages of ‘witnessing’ may be discouraging because it will probably seem as if nothing is happening but in time, more and more, you begin to feel an internal ‘space’ emerging creating a small gap between our thoughts and our actual sense of self (an Inner Presence / Awareness)

Apart from the fact that it is difficult for most of us to maintain our attention, most of our thoughts will have negative connotations. Most of us have been conditioned this way.

We are asked while meditating, not to be judgmental as the sole purpose of the exercise is merely to ascertain what our beliefs are. Once we become more proficient in the art of witnessing ourselves, in a moments of anger or sadness we can finally see what is triggering the debilitating emotions whereas before, we almost immediately became one with the emotion, fully engaged as the reaction and unable to enact that small gap of separation between the self and the experience. In witnessing, we allow our thoughts and emotions to go through us but not become us. Eventually, thoughts will flow through our minds like clouds drifting by in the sky. We will no longer feed them with our emotional energy and by and by, they dissipate, no longer a threat to our peace of mind.

Using positive prompters, affirmations, visualizations are also ways to help re-establish our Divine nature as core being. In essence, it is recalling the memory of our eternal DNA (in the image of God). The Truth of these positive statements will resonate deeply and call forth the timeless, hidden Intelligence within. No matter how much we err in our thinking and our beliefs, our essential Self, cannot be altered and waits for the day we choose to claim; I AM…

“I am spirit, cast into human mold as a manifestation of Divine Intelligence”

today, my eyes see beyond the illusion

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