The Dancer

neraK amI

Heady, pulsating drumbeats

fill the air

sending an electric charge

throughout the entire sphere.

In the far horizon Her silhouette

rises from the earth

once you’ve beheld Her

you are mesmerized,

any second missed

is woeful loss


At last you are face to face

with the Dancer

A Presence so overwhelming

you try to hide

from a feeling of imperfection

but you cannot run no,

you cannot hide


the Dancer is inside


I am summoned to join the Dance

there’s a moment of fear

will I stumble, will I fall?

alas the mind of a beginner,


The first few steps I tremble

my mind I have to reassemble

I try to move to a strange rhythm within

not for one moment

do I take my eyes from Her

as these are unfamiliar steps

She is my guide


Each beat, each move

I grow in stature and courage

holding firm to what I have learned

one moment of distraction

could mean destruction

this time around

I’m homeward bound

right here inside

is the Dancer who is my guide


The veil lifts, I am surrounded

by a sea of fearful, questioning faces mesmerized

looking to me,

The Dancer

Miami, FL 33190
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