The Ego

When I saw myself

for the very first time

my face was the same

but mine eyes

I had never seen them before,

my thirst for righteousness led me to the

underbelly of man’s consciousness where

I met the ego

The ego

 be aware of me

I create illusions

I draw the last breath from your body

and watch in absolute delight

as you dwindle into the shadows,

I become your sole confidant

whispering to you since birth


I am the parasite that sucks your innate knowledge

replacing it with a testimony of untruths,

you diminish in stature whilst I, your nemesis

become your hero whom you worship adoringly,

I am the ego be aware of me


bring me your afflictions

I multiply them tenfold,

your reality, sense of self and I

make an unholy alliance

enslaving you to mind


pleasure me

and I fill you with self-worth

then turn it against you

as the loathsome feeling of vanity


i am… beauty

when looked at through Divine eyes

mirrors ugliness impossible to wash away


I am the beast driving you to madness

believe in me

and live hell here on earth

rid yourself of me,

be blessed with eternal life

the ego, be aware of me,

 I stain your soul

Miami, FL 33190
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